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Growth challenges for any company, large or small, are often more than simply selling additional existing products to existing segments through existing channels. In many cases, growth requires qualification
and development of--

  • never-before-seen products

  • never-before-seen features

  • unfamiliar market segments

  • previously un-used market channels

  • geographic expansion into un-tested waters

  • appropriate promotional schemes

AB&C is founded upon a lifetime of market development experience success for companies large and small. The success was based upon proper consideration and mixing of all five of the above aspects.

Our experience includes marketing and sales of baked products and bakery needs for retail, volume-wholesale and in-store bakeries as well as commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations, both chains and independents.

Whether yours is an established wholesale company seeking fresh directions or a start-up seeking business plan directions, we are happy to speak with you. Our initial consultation is free, our subsequent consultation (if required) is pre-paid based on a time budget we will
propose and adhere to.

Our active participation in your sales effort (if required) is based upon a commission arrangement after your product is brought to market.

For additional information, see the links below or Email me directly.

Thank you,

Steve Percifield
(find me on LinkedIn or my personal page.

Associations and Trade Shows

American Society of Baking

Bakers Courtesy Club of Chicago

Pizza Expo

International Bakery Industry Exposition

Indiana University Alumnae Association


Some of Our Principals,

5 Generation Bakers

Jenny Lee Cinnamon Swirl Breads

Atempo Foodpack


pan sprays, pastry glaze, egg wash substitute

parchment pie pans, baking molds, desert cups, pan liners


Just some of our clients:

Central Grocers

Lipari Foods

Walt's Supermarkets


Strack & Van Til




Martin's Supermarkets

Ultra Supermarkets

Jungle Jim's

Sentry Stores

Joseph Caputo's

...and many more.

Books by and with Steve Percifield

 The Intelligent Guide to Your Financial Future
  by Norbert Mindel and associates with Steve Percifield...

explains in clear, concise manner the Nobel Prize-winning "passive investment strategies," espoused by Mindel and company.

Shattering the myths of Wall Street's benefits, knowledge bases of the financial press and closely managed mutual funds, the book offers an explanation of why preservation of wealth and creation of wealth are inseparable partners and points you in this proven financial direction.

 Grease Monkey: races, racers and racism collide  
   by Steve Percifield and Herschel Gulley

Two teen boys, one black one white, confront one another on a moon-lit golf course in the early 1900s, from opposite ends of a .22 rifle.

From this unlikely beginning grows a lifelong friendship and partnership founded upon brotherly love and mutual love of automobiles and racing. Their friendship eventually takes them, as a team, to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where, with unlikely help from Henry Ford and Louis Chevrolet, they find themselves with a ride for the Indy 500.

Only two things stand in their ways: the competition and the Ku Klux Klan which, at the time, controls the Indiana governor's mansion, the statehouse and much of the state itself.

Climaxing with a race to the death on a Hoosier dirt track, the book is based on the true life story of acclaimed racer H. B. Gulley.

Book website



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